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  • Orbital pathology ophthalmologic manifestations can be found not only in case an endocrinal oculopathy but in case of paranasal sinuses (PNS) diseases, too. In order to diagnose a sinusogenic pathology in due time, the PNS and cranial bones X-ray examination in two projections, an available and informative examination technique, should be performed. When necessary, the PNS and cranial bones computerized and magnet resonance tomography are applied.
  • New forms of chronic alcoholic encephalopathies available for diagnosis by physicians of various specialties — therapists, pediatricians, neurologists, and psychoneurologists — are descirbed. Variants of symptomatic and syndromic forms of chronic alcoholic encephalopathies (the initial and the detailed manifestations) are described and their detailed clinical characteristics are given. This message targets a wide range of physicians at an early detection of persons predisposed to the alcohol dependence syndrome and hence at its prevention.
  • The article discusses the opinions referring the methodology role and place in the hygienist’s practical activities. The possibilities of applying every methodological hygiene option for both — solving the tactic tasks of providing the people sanitary and epidemiologic welfare and achieving the strategic goals for providing efficient primary prevention of diseases.
  • The purpose of the study was to make a systematic analysis of the contemporary literature data on the problem of fetal programming for delayed pathological processes. The review included data from literature sources published within the last 10 years.
  • The review is devoted to the problem of treating the breast cancer oedematous form characterized by high malignancy, early and rapid lymphangiogenic metastatic spread, treatment unsatisfactory remote results. The nowadays approaches to managing inflammatory breast cancer are estimated.  
  • The efficiency category is one of the essentials in the healthcare organization and economics along with the accessibility and quality categories. At the same time, the essence of the category of the healthcare efficiency is complex, multifaceted, multicomponent and has its own features when being understood and applied. Among such specific features, one is in the fact that, unlike other economic spheres and sectors, the useful activity in the healthcare is evaluated by three effects — medical, social and economic.