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Objective. Pathogenic justification and development of complex intensive care for the acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) at patients with severe community-acquired viral and bacterial pneumonia. Materials and methods. We analyzed the outcomes of treating 251 patients with severe community-acquired pneumonia complicated by the ARDS development and of 474 patients with community-acquired pneumonia, and 151 histopathological research protocols.
Objective. To evaluate efficacy of photomagnetotherapy of patients with allergic contact dermatitis.
The types of nursing education abroad (USA, Great Britain, Canada, Israel, Finland) and in the Republic of Belarus have been studied. Similarities, differences, problems, and tendencies of education in the XXI century have been demonstrated.  
Objective. Assessment of clinical efficacy of an innovative method of adaptive kinezitherapy of patients with severe motor and coordination defects comparing with the standard therapy.
A review of current data on the pathogenesis and clinical manifestations of stroke associated with HIV-infection is presented in this paper. The authors two own cases of treating HIV-infected patients with multifocal cerebral infarction and intracerebral hemorrhage has been analyzed.
This paper highlighted the meaning and difference between standard error of mean and standard deviation as well as describes the factors that affect the values of this statistical parameters.
The article analyzes difficulties in the differential diagnosis between festering congenital cyst and hydatid liver disease. Hectic fever for more than 18 days, inflammatory changes in the blood count with neutrophilia on the background of the ESR, CRP, values marked increase, the procalcitonin test and abdominal CT data as well as lack of epidemiological and laboratory data for hydatid cyst of the liver allowed suspect a festering cyst. The laparoscopic surgery accompanied by the cyst puncture and drainage (90 ml of the puruloid content removed) prevented the peritonitis development.
The article provides biographical information about the outstanding neuropathologist and physiotherapists professor A. R. Kirichinskom. Materials on his contribution to the development of domestic physiotherapy are given, and his works on physical therapy are analyzed.