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Objective. Studying the indicators of the blood oxygen carrying function and the activity of the free radical processes in the pulmonary tuberculosis different clinical forms. Materials and methods. One hundred and twenty patients with pulmonary tuberculosis different clinical forms were examined and their venous blood oxygen carrying function and the free radical processes activity were studied.
Objective. То establish the socio-economic factors of the macrolevel influencing on the bronchial asthma incidence in the children’s population of Grodno region. Materials and methods. Official statistical reports of the Grodno Regional Department of Statistics, annual report forms «Form 1 — Children» of the medical statistical office of the Children’s Regional Clinical Hospital for the period 2000—2013.
The review is devoted to preeclampsia, one of the most significant problems of obstetrics and perinatology. The disease epidemiology and current understanding of the pathology development pathophysiological mechanisms are described. Nowadays possibilities of preeclampsia prediction by the anamnestic, biophysical indicators, and biochemical markers of the population combined screening in the I trimester of pregnancy for detecting chromosomal diseases and congenital malformations of the fetus are discussed.
Objective. The study was aimed at developing a scheme of conservative treatment of chronic polypoid rhinosinusitis at I—II stages of dispersion and assessing its effectiveness.
The paroxysmal supraventricular narrow QRS complex tachycardias classification, clinical features and approaches to the differential diagnosis are described in the article. The results of the electrophysiological studies by transesophageal atrial pacing performed for diagnosis of paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardias and electrocardiograms with the most frequent types of paroxysmal narrow QRS complex tachycardias are presented.
The article discusses the mottoes, their meanings and application in different spheres of life. The states’, educational institutions’, corporations’ mottoes, and others are presented. Most attention is focused on the outstanding and famous people life mottoes.