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Objective. To compare laboratory indices, to detect relationships between the carbohydrate metabolism parameters, the indices characterizing the vascular endothelium function and the lipid spectrum in patients with coronary heart disease and concomitant diabetes mellitus type 2 (DM type 2).
Objective. To study the ways of the higher cortical functions recovering in patients with cerebral ischemia according to the cognitive evoked potentials and stabilographic parameters dynamic study. Materials and methods. We examined 87 patients. Sixty-four of them were in the acute period of cerebral infarction in the carotid artery pool. The control group consisted of 23 patients with encephalopathy, stages I, II. A stabilographic study and cognitive evoked potentials were carried out on days 1, 7, 21 after the disease onset.
Objective. To evaluate the age structure changes impact on mortality rates and to make a comparative analysis of mortality trends among urban and rural population in the Republic of Belarus during 1959—2015.
Diabetes mellitus is one of the factors causing the cardiovascular risk increase. The myocardium non-coronarogenic lesions including diabetic cardiomyopathy have been discussed for the recent years. Heart failure development is one of the cardiomyopathy manifestations in diabetes adding to a negative prognosis and requiring an optimal antihyperglycemic therapy. The antihyperglycemic drugs use validity is analyzed taking into account the modern data obtained in randomized researches. Data on the recommended additional approaches to be used in the real clinical practice is provided.
The future of a reticular titanium cylinder implant inserted for fractured lumbar vertebrae has been controlled. The phenomenon of a reticular implant introduction into the spondylodized vertebrae body was found. The implant was found to be introduced at one or two levels. The spondylodesis results were assessed using a new index — the implant introduction coefficient — followed by the implant introduction degree definition. An improved version of the reticular titanium cylinder implant has been designed.
Objective. To assess the diagnostic value of cardiovascular tests in pediatrics. Materials and methods. The cardiovascular tests results are presented for 105 children of different clinical groups, clinical cases of cardiovascular tests use in pediatrics are demonstrated. Results. Pathological values of the cardiovascular tests coefficients at children including the К30:15 value may indicate at vegetative disorders presence and be a sign of the body reduced functional capacity.